Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No. 7 Review

MArc Jacobs beautyWe’re all familiar with the name Marc Jacobs. This feted designer launched a line of beauty products on August 9th 2013. The collection comprises of 122 products ranging from foundations to eye shadows to mascaras. It is too soon for many to have bought and used any of the products. Nevertheless, if you’re contemplating on a purchase, here’s a quick review on the Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No. 7 Palette.

The Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No. 7 eye shadow palette is one of the products showcased in their new lineup. Style Eye-Con No.7 is not the product but the name of the set. The set contains four color ranges namely – The Tease #202, The Starlet #204, The Lolita #206 and The Vamp #208.

The Case

The case is a sleek, rectangular container with rounded edges. It is black in color and has a glossy finish. It is a strong magnet for finger prints. This could be a drawback for those particular on cleanliness. Made of plastic it is lightweight but sturdy. The palette also has a fabric pouch for the convenience of carrying around.  Marc Jacobs is embossed on the front of the case in white.

The case has a small silver button to lock and unlock the case. Inside there are seven pigments of eye shadows (colors will vary based on color range you choose). “No. 7” in the name stands for 7 eye shadow shades. Each palette contains an amazing combination of buttery mattes, lustrous sheens and shimmery metallic shades. A full sized mirror runs across the inside of the top of the case. Thus, you can touch up your makeup even when on the go. Also included on the package is a sponge tip applicator.

 The Set

  1. The Tease #202: The Tease accommodates 7 shades with pink and purple undertones. These include purple sheen, matte grayish purple, matte pale pink, iridescent champagne sheen, metallic pastel pink with gold shimmer, matte bright aubergine and deep aubergine with iridescent shimmer.
  2. The Starlet #204: The starlet is chock-full with metallics and browns. These include metallic muted lilac, metallic champagne pink, metallic dark copper brown, metallic bright copper, metallic gold, metallic bluish silver, metallic gunmetal gray.
  3. The Lolita #206: Lolita 206 comes across as a neutral collection- matte off-white cream, matte nude, matte dark coffee brown, metallic warm pink with iridescent glitter, iridescent champagne pink sheen, light peach sheen, rosy copper sheen.
  4. The Vamp #208: The Vamp 208 has a large range of shades – midnight blue with iridescent shimmer, silver taupe sheen, matte off-white, metallic burgundy, metallic jade green, metallic golden brown, black with iridescent shimmer.

Features at a glance

  • The shades in each palette are diverse and gorgeous.
  • The eye shadow pigments are powders. Despite this, they wear well.
  • Each pigment has a buttery texture that feels like cream.
  • They create a very smooth finish.
  • The eye shadow pigments are very easy to blend.


Each palette in the Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No. 7 is priced at $59. The price is steep but also cheaper than other high end products.

A Wrap Up

The product has been cleverly made. Its quality is also worthy of praise.  If you’re out on the market for an easily blended palette, we would definitely recommend this product to you.


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